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The tasks a top Php developer must master

PHP is perhaps the foremost popular web development language immediately. A minimum of 20 million domains use PHP and it’s the language used on major sites like Wikipedia and Facebook also as in a number of the world’s biggest open source projects like WordPress and Drupal.

Use PHP Core Functions and Classes

If you’re trying something that seems fairly common, likelihood is that, there’s already a PHP function or class that you simply can cash in on. Always inspect the PHP manual before creating your own functions. There’s no got to create a function to get rid of the white space at the start and at the top of a string once you can just use the trim() function. Why build an XML parser for RSS feeds once you can cash in of PHP’s XML Parser.

Always Sanitize Data which will enter Your Database

SQL injections are more common that you simply might imagine, and unless you would like an enormous headache afterward, sanitizing your database inputs is that the only thanks to get obviate the matter. The primary thing you ought to do is study popular ways your app is often compromised and obtains an honest understanding of what SQL injections are; examine samples of SQL injection attacks and inspect this SQL injection cheat sheet.

Creation of Master Configuration File

PHP possesses a singular characteristic where you've got the supply of making one main file with multiple database connections. So in situ of getting database connections spread across the whole coding, you'll create one main file with multiple database settings attached thereto. This helps to include any change by php developer easily as you would like to form changes only within the main file which subsequently got reflected within the desired code. Creating configuration helps to form the program more compatible and maintain it more efficiently. Also maintaining the main file helps to save lots of time in coding and quick delivery of the specified module.


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