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Php and Ror, frame quite the same, but still one more used !

PHP is the first language chosen by many developers when it comes to creating a dynamic site or a web application though there are other programming languages ​​equally efficient on the market as Ruby, for example, especially with the appearance Rails. Indeed, it is especially Rails that made most famous among these as web development. Whether you choose Ruby on Rails or PHP, you get almost the same as they are both very effective despite some differences.

The similarities of these two key languages

Whether you use a php developer for creating your website or a web developer specializing in Ruby on Rails, they will tell you that Ruby and PHP have many similarities.

Regarding the typing for example, it is totally dynamic on one as to the other without having to declare variables. class management of Ruby is the same as PHP. Most of the variables begin with $ although they are not numerous. PHP as Ruby, eval is available and demands attention whether at the level of security or performance. PHP as Ruby, interpolation in strings is in the form "# {foo} is a # {bar}" and not "$ foo is a $ bar. Only chains with double quotes can then benefit. the heredocs are available in both languages ​​as exceptions for error handling and the standard library provided. Basically, arrays and hashes are also similar with a respective form {...} instead of array (). Null changes to nil against with true and false are the same on both programming languages.

In terms of usability, everything can be done in Ruby in PHP. Side frameworks, PHP ahead of Ruby widely with a legion. Ruby, however, one ahead of PHP when it comes to gems and remains the leader in tools. Regarding the local development environment and accommodation is PHP wins. Anyway, whether you choose one or the other, you will still get a dynamic website for your needs.


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